Grampian steel building is the longest serving Capital steel building distributer with over 16 years of experience. Suppling hundreds of buildings throughout the UK and islands to satisfied customer. We simply get the job done.

Grampian steel building will supply you with the necessary drawings. If you take a site plan of your property, draw in where you would like the building situated on the plan. Take the drawings from Grampian steel building and your site plan to your local planning office and ask the question. There is also a form on local planning authority sites (do I require planning)

 We would always recommend that you consult with your authorities before commencing with any building project. 

Temporary Steel Buildings

Rules governing planning permission for temporary buildings are more difficult to summarize, very much a grey area. technically planning permission is required for buildings used for over 28 days. If a temporary building comes within 5 metres of the site boundary or reduces space available for vehicle parking or turning, planning permission must be applied for. In some instances, temporary planning permission may be granted for longer periods so it’s well worth seeking advice from your local planning officer

Permitted Development

Although certain buildings need planning permission, occasionally projects will fall under “Permitted development rights” where planning permission is not required. Permitted development regulation my vary in different areas of the country. On most occasions the maximum height will be 4 meters. Always check with your local authorities or visit their web sites for their latest rules and regulations.


Many local planning departments will allow you to make a Pre-application for planning permission.  An answer usually takes 2-3 weeks on whether your planning application is likely to be approved.  The planning department will also tell you of any potential problems which will give you an opportunity to get them resolved before you proceed with your application.

Planning Permission Timescales

Generally planning permission can take between 8-12 weeks to be granted however can take considerably longer where any complications arise.

Whilst we would recommend using either an architect or engineer to liaise with planning you can make a planning application online yourself – visit for more information.

General Planning Rules

Usually planning permission is required for new commercial buildings over 4 metres in height. Expect to wait about 8-12 weeks for a decision, although some local authorities can take considerably longer.

More Information

You may make a planning application online yourself – visit the Government’s official planning website at for more information

Lead time is usually 4 weeks from the deposit being paid.

The building will be delivered on an artic wagon with a Moffit (forklift) fitted to the back for off load. Off load cannot always be guaranteed but can be requested. If requested this might delay the delivery. When an artic wagon cannot park at the front of the property to off load then it will be delivered on a small wagon (there may be a surcharge) and it will be up to the customer to supply off load. The roller doors will be delivered separately, and the personal door will also be sent separately via courier. When insulated skylights are ordered they will be delivered by the manufacturer (daylight systems)

The building and associated materials will be delivered to a haulage company of your choice anywhere on the mainland. The delivery charge to the mainland will be included in your quote. It will then be up to the customer to pay the shipping from the mainland to the final address on the island. We will supply the weights, lengths etc. so the customer can then get quotes.

You will receive by email your instructions, material load list, connecting detail illustration drawings, frame drawings. The material load list will tell you all the parts that are used when assembling your building, you will always need this with you. The parts are recognized by the length, description, and illustration drawings. You will get email or telephone support if required.